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About Bamboo Floors

Like hardwood floors, bamboo flooring offers an economical and environmentally friendly flooring option. It is made from quick-growing natural bamboo, which matures in three to five years. Below is a quick reference to help you select the best floor for your décor and your lifestyle.


Bamboo is available as Natural, Carbonized and Stained.

  • Natural, or untreated bamboo is pale gold in color.
  • Carbonized bamboo ranges in color from amber to coffee brown. The darker hues are produced by a heat-treatment process, which caramelizes the sugars in the bamboo fibers.
  • Like hardwood, bamboo can be stained a variety of colors to match your dér.


Bamboo's unique properties allow it to be formed into flooring in a variety of ways.

  • Horizontal & Vertical refer to two styles of "solid" bamboo. Because bamboo is technically a thick, woody grass, it must be densely layered to form a plank of flooring. Horizontal bamboo floors are constructed using strips of bamboo laid horizontally across the surface of the plank. Vertical bamboo floors are stacked one atop the other, so the surface of the plank is made up of the strips' thinner edges. The main difference in these flooring products is the appearance. Vertical bamboo has thinner, more uniform stripes than horizontal.
  • Woven or Strand Woven bamboo flooring consists of shredded bamboo fibers which have been blended with adhesive, pressurized and heat-treated to form a highly durable bamboo product.
  • Engineered bamboo flooring is made up of a surface layer of solid or Woven bamboo, supported by a plywood core.

Edge Styles

A beveled edge at the point that plank meets plank provides a smoother, better-wearing floor. Your choices run from square edge (no bevel), to micron (barely noticeable) bevel, to eased edge (noticeable bevel), to beveled edge (pronounced bevel). The depth of the bevel will affect the appearance, wear life and cost of your floor.


Bamboo is a natural product, and as such, it has its own unique characteristics.

  • Appearance: Each plank of bamboo flooring has its own character, and will vary from photos and samples provided.
  • Seasonal Changes: Bamboo will expand and contract with temperature and moisture changes. This may result in some minor separation between boards over the years.