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About Cork Floors

Cork provides a softer alternative to other hard surface floors. Below is a quick reference to help you select the best floor for your dér and your lifestyle.


In general, cork flooring planks consist of a cork underlay, a stabilizing core made of non-cork material, a cork veneer, and an acrylic wear surface, or varnish. Specific layer materials vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Cork flooring is also available in tiles, rather than planks.


Cork is available in a variety of stain colors and patterns to match your décor, or as a natural, unstained product.


Made from the bark of cork oak trees, this natural material is beautiful and durable, and has numerous properties that make it an excellent flooring option.

  • Comfort: The trapped air within cork's cell structure allows it to compress under pressure, providing a comfortable, cushioned feel. This flexibility makes it an ideal flooring choice for rooms like the kitchen, where you do a lot of standing.
  • Noise Reduction: Cork's cell structure is also responsible for its acoustic qualities. Unlike harder materials, cork reduces vibration from sound and creates a quieter room environment.
  • Health: Suberin, a waxy substance found within cork, repels mites, insects, mold and other organisms, making it a naturally hypoallergenic material.
  • Durability: Cork has been used as a flooring material in public buildings for over a century, due to its resilience and ease of care.
  • Water Resistance: The same properties that make cork suitable for sealing wine bottles make it a good choice for flooring in bathrooms and other moist areas. Cork can resist water without damage for a long time; however, standing water should still be cleaned up as soon as possible.
  • Insulation: Cork flooring is an excellent insulator, staying cool in the summer and warm in winter.
  • Appearance: Each plank of cork flooring has its own character, and will vary from photos and samples provided. Over time, and with excessive exposure to sunlight, cork can fade and discolor, so be sure to protect it accordingly.