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Hickory PF Eng Vintage Caramel Harris One 3/8", 5" Wide

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Harris One by Harris Wood:  Affordable pricing.

Made in the U.S.A.

Also available in: Red Oak Natural, Red Oak Colonial, Red Oak Dark Gunstock, Hickory Caramel and Vintage Hickory Natural

Hickory PF Eng Vintage Caramel Harris One 3/8", 5" Wide

Harris Wood

List Price $4.29 sq. ft.

Our Price $3.39 sq. ft.

(20.98% Savings)

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1 Boxes/Bundles
34.00 Sq. Ft.

Manufacturer: Harris Wood
Construction: Engineered
Grade: Natural
Finish: Caramel
Janka Rating: 1820
Installation Type: Nail/Staple/Glue/Float
Edges: Beveled
Gloss Level: Matte
Waste: 10%

Width: 5"
Thickness: 3/8"
Length: up to 46-1/4"
Weight: 48.00 lbs.
Sq. Footage per bundle/box: 34.00'

25 year residential warranty.  Please refer to for full warranty details.

As Shop 4 Floors and its manufacturers have no control over installation methods or site conditions, we cannot warranty any installation or site related issue. Shop 4 Floors assumes no liability for incidental or consequential damages. All warranty commitments are with the manufacturer; Shop 4 Floors makes no separate warranty on its products.

Any damage caused to the flooring as a result of the following will void your manufacturer's warranty:

  • Improper Installation: Proper N.W.F.A. guidelines must be followed, including subfloor preparation.
  • Storage/Jobsite Conditions: Product must be stored in a dry and heated environment; no exposure to any moisture shall be permitted. Do not store in garages, over concrete, or below grade.
  • Water Damage: Warranty does not include damage caused by flooding, faulty plumbing, moisture penetration, overflowing sinks, leaking appliances or any like occurrences.

The success of your installation will rely heavily on proper job site conditions being met prior to the floor's installation. Once on site, your floor should be stacked in thearea it is to be installed. Please allow 14 days for proper acclimatization for Solid floors. Engineered flooring can be installed immediately after opening without the acclimatization process. Your flooring product should never be stored in an unheated area, or below grade.

All N.W.F.A. installation guidelines should be adhered to when installing your floor. To our knowledge, we have found no adhesive/mastic products that will not bond to our hardwood flooring products, either Solid or Engineered. In radiant applications, we highly recommend using a urethane-based adhesive. All plank flooring should be glued and nailed. We recommend a urethane-based wood floor adhesive and a proper nailing schedule, every four to six inches should be sufficient.

Your hardwood floor is unique; knots, mineral streaking and color variations are all part of your floors' character. Some boards may be deemed less attractive; these should be placed in inconspicuous spots. Consult with your installer prior to final installation.


Hardwood Floor Installer Responsibility

Your installer is responsible for the proper handling, storage and installation of your hardwood floor. This includes final inspection of flooring prior to installation. Your manufacturer's warranty does not cover flooring with visible defects once it is installed. The installer is also responsible for making sure the flooring is installed over an acceptable, suitable sub-floor.

For a list of professional installers in your area, please visit our Installer Directory.

At Shop 4 Floors, we want the floor you buy to be a floor you'll love for years to come. Please visit ourCare & Maintenance page for detailed instructions on how to keep your hardwood floor looking and wearing its best.