Unfinished Engineered

unfinished environeered flooring

Shamrock’s Environeered Plank Flooring is the next generation of sustainable flooring. In an effort to extend Nature’s precious resources, we have created a line of engineered flooring designed to be environmentally conservative. Shamrock’s Environeered Flooring utilizes only 1/4 of the hardwood used in Solid Flooring, preserving the same wear life as Solid Flooring and extending the use of our hardwood resources. Our core is made from 9 layers of faster-growing plantation grown Birch. This allows us to increase the structural stability of our floors while minimizing the amount of hardwood harvested.

The cross grain construction of our Environeered floors provides inherent structural stability, ensuring decreased expansion and contraction due to temperature and moisture variations. Minimizing movement in each board results in an overall superior installation, and will help preserve the beauty and integrity of your floor. Thicker than most engineered flooring, Shamrock Environeered planks are 5/8″.

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